Light pollution hinders astronomy, harms the planet, wastes money, and threatens the health and safety of all life — wild and human. Light pollution is excessive or inappropriate outdoor lighting.

Common forms include:
– Glare – excessive brightness causing visual discomfort, especially when it shines out onto the water
– Urban sky glow – brightening of the night sky
– Light trespass – light falling where it’s not intended or needed

Solutions to light pollution are simple and save money. What you can do:
– Use fully shielded, dark-sky friendly fixtures. That means lights shine away from the lake, and shine down, not up.
– Only use lights when needed. Install timers, motion detectors, and/or dimmer switches, and turn off lights when not in use.
– Use the right amount of light. Too much light is wasteful and impairs vision.
– Use long-wavelength lights with a red or yellow tint to minimize negative health effects.


Michigan Chapter –

Thank you, Joan Boyko, for your efforts in championing this cause.