Lake Board/Drain Minutes (includes Weed Control)

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DNR Fish Study Report (recommended reading from 2020 Spring Meeting

Important Weed Control Note – Like the weather, everyone talks about it. The success and empowerment of our Lake Board Representative is best communicated in writing. 

Please direct any comments or concerns to our Representative Bill Alsover at also “CC” our PK Lakes at

Newaygo County Drain Commission – website – for information about lake levels, seasonable adjustments, authority of special assessment district, contact information.

Lake Treatment Notice

Copy mailed to owners May 2018

PK Lakes Treatment Map – May 2018

PK Lakes Treatment Map – August 2018 NEW

Pickerel – Kimball Lake Improvement Board

PK Lakes Improvement Board FAQ – May 2018

Lake Management Proposal 2018 – 2023

July 2017 Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Meeting Minutes

July 2018 Meeting Minutes


June 2017 – Lake Inspection Comments



DNR Field-notes – Management and Fish Shocking Evaluation (2017)

Link to PDF report

Pickerel-Kimball Lake Nutrient Study (2016)

Written Summary

Nutrient Study Map – used in presentation and Written Summary above

Pickerel-Kimball Lake Basins Graphic – added September 1, 2017

Pickerel-Kimball Lake Basins Breakdown – added September 1, 2017